Saturday, 23 January 2016

Make Your Expenditure an Asset

How to Turn Your Daily Household Expenses to an Income Generating Venture

I think I didn’t hear it clearly or my mind is playing a fast one on me. Or is it the presenter that does not know what he is saying? I think somebody is going insane. To clarify my doubt, I asked the guy beside me if what I heard the presenter said was correct and he reiterated; yes! You can make your expenditure an asset.
I know you may be wondering how this can be possible. My financial intelligence class taught me that an asset is anything that puts money into your pocket and a liability is anything that removes money from your pocket. The question then is; how come this presenter is saying that you can make your expenditure an asset. Okay, this is only possible in network marketing, a business model that gives consumers opportunity to buy direct from the company at a discounted wholesale price and at the same time, take part in the company’s profit sharing. Network marketing is also known as grass root capitalism; that is, a business model that is determined to expose millions of everyday ordinary men and women who believe in achieving financial freedom through enterprise and self help to limitless opportunities to realize this dream.
Are you satisfied with the life you are living? Are you earning enough income as you would desire? Do you have time freedom? Do you dream to travel the world? Would you want to start a business without jeopardizing your career or existing business and retire earlier? Do you want personal development, to help others or to meet new people? Whatever your primary motivating factor may be among these factors I stated; it is certain you can realize it with network marketing. If you happen to be one of those who have had an unfavorable experience with their network marketing business or you know or have heard somebody who failed with his/her network marketing business, it is interesting. The fact is that the person involved only allowed the hard work associated with achieving success to deter him and he quit. It is harder not to live your dream life than to work hard enough to build a successful network marketing business. It is no rocket science. All that is required of you is;
1.    Have an open mind about the network marketing business model
2.    If you are in Lagos, attend my Business Opportunity Presentation (BOP) or if you can watch an online video of the BOP HERE
3.    Change your brands on your household consumables to our company’s brands. We have wide range of product lines such as personal care, skin care, kiddies/teens care, weight/fitness management, anti-aging product and food supplements. The unique thing about our products is that they are healthier specially made from organically grown Aloe Vera as well as from Bee Hive naturally bred in the desert. Our personal care products include toothpaste, bathing soap and gel, body lotions, deodorant, perfumes, tea, honey, detergent and liquid hand/face soap.
4.    Be your best customer by using the products for an enhanced health and wellness.
5.    Share your testimony with others; family, friends, associates etc and show them how they can also build a part time business that does not jeopardize their job or existing business just by changing their brand on household consumption and changing what they are saying to friends.
6.    Make a commitment to a continuous learn necessary to acquire the professional skills to build a successful network marketing business.
7.    Decide to take it as a business and decide to be a professional network marketer. I guarantee you that you shall certainly be earning an average of a 6-figure monthly income in dollars in a short three years.

Friends, if this sounds too good to be true, all you need to do is to plug in to The Power Team as a business associate and you’ll start enjoying whatever factor that motivated you to have a look at this page. Why not take action NOW. CLICK HERE TO START

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