Sunday, 27 December 2015

Building a Successful Network Marketing Business

16 Surefire Guaranteed Steps to Building a Network Marketing Business that Pays You $1000 Monthly Income in 2016
“Whatever you don’t value can never add value to you.” – Pastor E.A Adeboye (General Overseer RCCG)

Take This Seriously

Attention fellow Nigerians, the same income you earned before will achieve less in 2016. You can't afford to just waltz into 2016. Many things have to change, and to be forewarned is to be fore armed. In this article, my goal is to help you realize how you can be earning an extra $1000 monthly working part time without jeopardizing what you are doing currently. I have to tell you that if your desire for extra income is strong enough, you will be able to realize this goal by following the steps I will be sharing in this article.
If you are with me, say I’m ready!
The 16 surefire guaranteed steps to build a successful network marketing business that will be paying you a monthly income of $1000 in 2016 are;
  1.   Do your due diligence on the network marketing industry to validate the fact that it is a noble and honest profession for responsible people. This is to clear your mind of all skepticism.
  2. Identify a good network marketing company and sign up.
  3. Become the product user and indulge in wholesome consumption.
  4. Define your ‘Why’
  5. Write your name list of 300 names minimum
  6. Sit with your sponsor to do your first start plan
  7. Make a decision to go pro. For more detail on this, read Eric Worre’s Go Pro
  8. Start contacting friends, family and associates (your warm list) to share your product/business testimonials
  9. Pick a mentor; an Upline leader who is successful in your company and models him. Duplicate his belief system and strategies he used in achieving his success.
  10. Commit yourself to continuous learning. Listen to audiotapes daily while driving and read average one book monthly. It is mandatory you read this four books for a start, in this sequence; 
  • Go Pro, 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre, 
  •     Questions Are the Answers, How to Get to Yes in Network Marketing by Allan Pease, 
  •    Your First Year in Network Marketing, Overcoming Your Fear, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams! By Mark and Rene Reid Yarnell
  •      The 45 Second Presentation that Will Change Your Life. How to Own Your Life by Don Failla

  1. Take responsibility and take action always. Note that if you succeed or fail in our profession, it is your effort not anybody else. Learn to stop blaming others or making excuses for what did not work but to always learn from it and continue to take action until you produce your desired result.
  2. Create your vision board and spend some time every day, preferable in the morning before your vision board to visualize your goals. By doing so, you mentally step into your goal and start acting it even before you achieve it. This builds your confidence and increases your competence level.
  3. Always start your day with mindset building exercise. You either watch a short inspirational video or listen to an inspirational tape or read an inspirational passage. This way, you are pumped up and excited to take on your activities for the day.
  4. Ensure you touch your business every day. Network marketing is a business not a hobby. The meat of the business is prospecting and recruiting. Therefore, prospect daily and do a minimum of four business opportunity presentation weekly.
  5. Let tools do the work for you and don’t reinvent the wheel. The fastest and most professional way to work our business is by using tools. While prospecting, use audio/video tapes. Also, follow the system put in place by your upline leadership and do not question it.
  6. Always attend events packaged by your company/upline leadership.
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