Sunday, 24 January 2016

Demystifying Network Marketing Business

Straight Talk on Becoming a Successful Network Marketing Business Owner

“To live ,to love ,to learn ,to leave a legacy…These life activities, according to Stephen Covey, are the four basic needs and motivation of every human being”-Jack Canfield

The above quotation captures the basic needs that motivate the lives of every one of us. It’s important
you ask yourself, am I motivated by these? If it is a yes for you, then you need to look at the network marketing industry, identify a good company, plug in and start building your business so as to actualize those life motivating activities.
     Network marketingbusiness is one of the ways to own a business system which is guaranteed to make you financially free. It is an unfortunate thing that so many desperate persons who failed to understand how this industry works have brought bad name and negative criticism to our industry. But believe it or you leave it, the industry is rated the number one industry that has produced more millionaires and faster, in the past twenty five years. For you to excel in network marketing business, you need to understand the cash flow quadrant. Cash flow quadrant shows how everybody in the business world earns their cash flow. Also, it moves a step further to show you how you can balance your life, live happier and mostly importantly achieve financial freedom by improving your cash flow management.
The cash flow quadrant is comprised of four quadrants, two on the left side and two on the right side respectively. On the left side of the quadrant, there are the E’s which stands for employees. These people have a job and they work in other people’s system to earn a paycheck as a reward. Also, there are the S’s which means self-employed. These people own a job. They believe in doing their own things their own way thus they own and work their job. On the right side of the quadrant, there are the B’s which stands for business owners. These people build a business system in which other people work and their system pays them. Also, there are the I’s which stands for investors. These people’s money work for them and earn them return on investment (ROI). It is important that you know that in the left side of the quadrant, you have to work before you’ll be paid but on the right side, you earn free income. All you do is to work once and you’ll continue to earn from it. The truth is that you have to work without earning any significant income for some time during the early days in the right side of the quadrant. It is just a short period of deferred gratification and building of your business system. Then, you’ll start earning free income afterwards for the rest of your life as long as you continue to improve your financial IQ. In the other hand, those in the left side of the quadrant desire immediate income. They enjoy immediate gratification at the expense of their future. These people work for money but in the right side of the quadrant, the people work to create and build system and their system generates enduring wealth for them. They work to create wealth and money work for them.
It is easier and faster to achieve financial freedom in the right side of the quadrant. It may interest you to know that 90% of the world population is on the left side of the quadrant and they control only 10% percent of the world wealth. In the other hand, 10% of the world population is on the right side of the quadrant and they control 90% of the world wealth. In the right side of the quadrant, the focus is on building a business system which earns the owner passive income. As the system expands, the passive income grows thus financial freedom is certain.
There are three ways to own a business system. The first is by building a C-corporation, that is, an automated business which employs minimum of 500 employees; from scratch. The second is by buying a franchise of an already built business and the third is through network marketing thus you buy into an existing business and start building your own business system. Among the three, network marketing is the cheapest, easiest, fastest and lest risky way to own a business system. Building a business system requires you to empty yourself of the core values of the left side of the quadrant and start learning the core values of the right side of the quadrant. It requires patience, persistence and learning. Making mistakes is allowed but you have to learn from your mistakes. Failure is an indispensable process in the right side of the quadrant thus you don’t need to be afraid of taking calculated risk.
Success in network marketing business requires the mindset of somebody in the right side of the quadrant. In fact, to build a successful network marketing business, you have to operate like a B personality. Therefore, you need to have a mentor; somebody who has successfully built a network marketing business, to succeed in the network marketing industry. More so, you need to learn the process and take action. You should not take failure personally but as part of learning. In network marketing, it is important that you like helping other people. Leadership skills and teaching ability are very essential. You need to take rejection positively and make it inspire you to push harder. If you must excel in network marketing, you must have a dream, a commitment to your business, to your team and to yourself. (Note; you’ve to make your dream tangible by writing it down in a piece of paper and paste it where you’ll be seeing it always). You must indulge in continuous personal development. The good news is that all these can be learned as long as your mindset is positive.
If you’re enlightened by this article and you want to start building your network marketing business, you can work with me.

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