Friday, 22 January 2016

How to Define Your Life Purpose to Achieve More Success in Your Life

Friend, my goal is to make this as practical as possible. So, the first thing you need to do is to ask yourself; what is that one thing that I virtually do always that makes me excited? What is that one thing that I can miss my meal doing it? What is that one thing that I can spend my last cash to enjoy if it means paying money for it? What is that one thing that when I do it, people keep appreciating it? What is that one thing that even if you weak me up from the sleep and immediately ask me to do it, I can do it sharp-sharp without feeling it? These are questions that can help you discover your passion/hobby/natural ability. If you’ve discovered your hobby or natural ability; congratulation! What you need to do is to see how it can positively impact other people’s lives. By finding out this, you’ll be equipped to define your life purpose. That is, how you’ll touch so many other people’s lives while doing what you love doing in life. At that point, we say, your vocation becomes vacation – work becomes fun! Isn’t it interesting?
For instance, when I discovered that I love reading, writing and teaching, I started thinking of how I can use this to impact my world. At first, I was writing more of creative stories. This part of me helped me to write a novel in 2004 after my degree examinations while I was waiting for my NYSC. After my NYSC, my interest shifted to personal growth, financial intelligence and entrepreneurship. What inspired the shift is because I saw that I needed entrepreneurship education to excel. Also, I observed that so many Nigerian youths are jobless and they need help. I saw that there is a big gap on entrepreneurship and money education in Nigeria, so I saw that I have got something that can help my peers. To actualize this dream, I’ve to join a good network marketing company. In this company, I focused more on learning how to sell, overcome rejection as well as build my mindset. In learning these, I was also making money. That was very exciting. Having seen what I was able to achieve doing what I love doing and the fact that people are appreciating it, I decided to take it as a business thus, I floated training, publishing and consulting business in 2012.

Friend, it’s important that I tell you that if you will change your mindset about money – that is, the mindset of chasing after money as if life depends only on it, and focus more in adding more values to your life, discovering your hobby/natural ability, defining your life purpose in relation to your natural ability and start to living it, you’ll see that over time, money will naturally start following you. Till I come your way next time, I encourage you to take action.

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