Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Is Wealth Creation Luck or Skill?

The answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. I have my reasons. First No, if you don’t have the skills, whatever you acquire by luck in terms of wealth will not last. I’ll also say yes, because when you’ve skills, more opportunities will continue to come your way even by luck. Although, opportunities dance with those who are already on the dancing floor, so get financially intelligent and stop waiting on luck (in Nigerian local parlance, Baba Ijebu).
It is an unfortunate thing that one of the most essential educations that we need in our lives is seriously lacking in our education system…Financial Intelligence, that part of our intelligence that is used in solving money problem. Financial intelligence is missing in the curriculum of our school system, from kindergarten to the university. The worst is that what is taught in our school system about money and its management is grossly against the rules of financial intelligence.
Irrespective of the numerous changes in the rule of money, majority of the world population still live their lives with the 20th century mentality about money. The society preaches; “Go to school, get good grades and get a secured job that has good retirement plan.” This does not work again in today’s 21st century economy. Why?
The economy is changing every day. The rule of money is also changing as well. First, there are no more jobs not to talk of secured jobs. Even the so called secured jobs with good retirement benefit cannot fetch you financial freedom. If you don’t know, financial freedom comes with time freedom and this means that you own your life. Money is not your problem. You can buy anything that you desire that money can buy. You can afford to sleep and play around the world from 1st of January to 31st of December without working and yet you live your dreamed lifestyle enjoying whatever you desire. This is what I mean by owning your life. You are truly free because you have built a business system which gives you leverage and leverage pays you residual income and residual income makes you free. This is the kind of lifestyle that is only dreamed by many but enjoyed by a few.
Statistics have it that only two percent of the world population is enjoying financial freedom. But the truth is that if you are financially intelligent, the probability of you attaining financial freedom in your lifetime is very high. This explains why so many people will continue to struggle all their life working harder and having very little to show for it. Again, you can acquire financial intelligence and develop your financial IQ in your lifetime. All it takes is commitment, discipline and taking action. If you want to start your journey to improved financial intelligence and subsequent attainment of financial freedom, you will need to join our Ultimate Wealth Creation Mentoring Program (UWCMP)

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